Can minimalism and ambition coexist?

Watched this stunning perspective on Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel featuring GaryVee. Can Minimalism & Ambition Co-Exist? ft. GaryVee I found it stunning because this is the first time anyone has ever combined two extreme aspects — minimalism and ambition — and relate to GaryVee. Most of his followers want to be the next him […]

Execution is everything!

I’ve talked in detail about hustle porn and how delusional can it get after some time (without any offense to GaryVee, of course, he wouldn’t give a shit but still…). Like it or not, the millions of fans that Gary has like him for the motivational messages he shares on a daily basis. It just feels […]

The Gary Vee Content Model

Unsure if you heard about the GaryVee Content Model. Bumped into it quite accidentally on LinkedIn. It’s a pyramid and here’s a breakdown of what it’s like: Document pillar content — one long-form piece of content (blog post, vlog, Q&A show, keynotes or podcast) Repurpose into microcontent — create short-form pieces of content from the […]