Let’s pause

Slowing down can be scary. We've become so accustomed to the frenetic pace of life, going just a little slower can get stressful. But if think you don't have time to take it slow. That's precisely you should do. Slow down. In fact, be bold and just press pause. You need it. Work will never [...]

Let them just BE…

I bumped into a YouTube video demonstrating a coaching conversation between David Rock and an executive. Quite an insightful conversation, despite that it was staged and taped. Loved the way both David and the executive carried themselves (by just being themselves!). I quite liked the use of metaphors and powerful questions to reaffirm the main [...]

On turning pro

I usually get annoyed when my friends/peers share their thoughts on what it takes to be a thorough professional. I honestly think it’s a waste of time arguing about such an inane topic. What’s the point? Our ideals don’t really match up to the professionals who’re out there in the field. Ourselves included. But having [...]

Don’t force it. Embrace it…

A couple of months back I checked into a local Transcendental Meditation retreat center for a quick “check-in.” I wanted to have my teacher walk me through a full 20-minute session and reinforce the principles while realigning me to the core ideas of TM, one of which is to not force it, but embrace whatever [...]