Is it too late?

Unsure why we still think age can be a barrier to growth, prosperity or even immigrating to a different country. Would it even matter if you had the confidence in your knowledge, skillset, and abilities to create opportunities for yourself than wait for one? I don't think so, but that's just my opinion. And that's [...]

A case on “business use cases”

Testimonials make a stronger case for your organisation's services than your swashbuckling website copy. We know that, don't we? But do they have to be that elaborate? Sure, your potential clients rely on those documents to push the envelope and even get you through the door. (If you're lucky, that is!) But what's the point [...]

The theater of the mind

Had a great coaching session with one of my clients. Now, this was "great" not just due to the overall quality of the conversations we had. It wasn't the depth and breadth of the aspects that we explored but the way we truly co-created a solution so powerful that it can literally change the client's [...]

Plus ultra

A leader without a vision is nothing but a manger who's about to lose his job. And I'm not kidding — a majority of our workforce is blind! I'll be blunt here — people are inherently motivated by who and what they love. That could be a job, relationship and definitely your (or the organisation [...]

Aim for clarity to gain clarity

Had quite a productive coaching session with one of my peers this afternoon. I think I hit all the markers from an evaluation and/or observational point of view except that I let the measure of success for the session remain vague. Now, irrespective of whether the objective(s) of the session were met as coaches we [...]