No experience required

Each morning I check my inbox for some junk mail (I'm partially kidding) selling me stuff, dreams, and ideas that not only sound stupid but ARE stupid! If that sounds harsh... you're either an internet marketer or trying to build an online business. And if you are, here's a tip — please don't make false [...]

Values and beliefs

My first exposure to values and a "mission statement" was when I was working with a UK-based multi-national organization. Found it pretty cool. Especially the bit when my manager (who also happened to be the Associate Vice-President of the company!) suggested that the company values are universal in nature, meaning I can adopt them as [...]

Jerkitude: a theory of jerks?

Bumped into this fascinating read by Eric Schwitzgebel, a professor of philosophy at the University of California. If you'd like to go deep, read the original post here. I wanted to share the most interesting snapshots that you and I can possibly relate to 😉 Let me set the context first — is this (below) how [...]

Mindlessness vs Mindfulness

Been hearing a lot about the value of being "mindless" when you're coaching a client. Makes a heck of a lot of sense — you can't possibly have a personal agenda or a bunch of pre-determined questions for your client. That's not a coaching intervention, but pursuing a vendetta against them! (And why the heck would [...]

A little kinder…

Had a coaching session with a peer this morning. And for some reason, I felt this sudden urge to address a topic that's been one of my major sources of irritation for the past many weeks. Let me give you a hint — "I can't get no sa-tis-fac-tion... I can't get no, satisfaction!" Listen, that's [...]

“And” get unstuck!

Words are powerful. Enough to transform us. Or break us. While knowing and choosing the right words is important, being aware of the words that you (subconsciously) use on a daily basis is critical. One such word is "but." It has become the butt of all jokes in the world of NLP and pop-psychology, "but" [...]