Context or concept?

My friend and I were discussing modern-day marketing's state of affairs and bumped into the topic of content marketing and it’s future. My friend was of the opinion that "content marketing has become everyone's favourite buzzword since everyone seems to be doing it!" That actually is true. But he also added that "it's not a [...]

Following your passion…

… Is a bad idea… it’s overrated. Get over it. Sooner the better. Yes, I know people have built a life around their true passions. Not everyone is able to crack the code, however. Sure, the Personal Development Gurus would have you think otherwise. They’ve built their lives around telling people to “follow their passions.” [...]

Wash your bowl

A monk said to Chao Chou, “I’m new to this monastery. Please teach me.” Chao Chou said, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?” The monk said, “Yes, I have.” Chao Chou said, “Then you better wash your bowl.” At that moment, the monk was enlightened I know what you’re thinking — “that seemed like an [...]