Credit bureaus

They hold an important distinction in our society. Our creditworthiness depends on them after all. In all seriousness, if it hadn't been for credit bureaus the banking institutions would've been doomed long back! And our lives would've been very difficult — think about multiple verification calls, background checks and a ton of paperwork. I don't [...]

Random thoughts are for real

Bumped into a former colleague yesterday. It was a chance encounter but a good one nonetheless. It's great to catch up with someone from work after ages! He was blown away with the things I have been doing lately (it's the usual stuff that you know of... but folks these days get easily impressed with [...]

Strategy is overused

I believe there are only a few reasons why folks would want to use the word "strategy" in their conversations: To impressFor the money (during interviews, networking or negotiation session)To brainstorm tactics I've rarely seen people actually doing strategy. Most of the time they're basically thinking through the situation for possible resolutions. Now in layman's [...]

Spoilers ahead!

I hate it when people spoil it up for the less fortunate ones who couldn't or weren't able to watch an important movie on the very first day. We have jobs to do and families to take care (or save the planet?) of after all! Even the best movie-based theories on the YouTubes are explicit [...]

If it kills you… change your plans

I don't know where I'd heard this, but it's so darn true! And most of all it applies to people like who're obsessive about achieving multiple things all at once. 2019 so far hasn't been any different from the previous years. We're at the tail end of April and I've already committed to 4 major [...]

The hard thing about simple things

Ever remember telling yourself, "that's simple... all I need to do is...". Do you? And you know what happened next? Or perhaps a few weeks back? You fell off the wagon. Right? If you didn't, hats off to you! I, for one, have been on and off the wagon a thousand times. Or perhaps even [...]

If you’re an Avengers fan…

And don't want to rewatch all the 22 movies before the epic Avengers: End Game, here's something you should watch. It's one of the best (and the most comprehensive recap at 38 minutes!) that you will find out there. Rejoice! Thank me later! The COMPLETE MCU Recap | CRAM IT (Avengers: Endgame Edition) I [...]