Relevant experience not needed

I get super annoyed when people get anal about specifics that are not-so-relevant. This is particularly true when it comes to experience while applying for a job that’s quite generic (contact centers, back-end operations, administration, office management, copy room) and requires less than 3-4 years’ experience. Why? Because someone with that much experience would bring […]

What’s behind the questions?

Not everyone wants to talk to you (particularly if you’re a stranger) on the phone. And irrespective of what you’re selling, they’re more comfortable doing a face-to-face conversation than even video! Thankfully, preferences don’t come in the way our modern day businesses. What does come as a challenge? Answering your prospect’s questions. Let me tell […]

Nutrition for seniors

Founds this fantastic post by the good folks at Precision Nutrition! Some points worth remembering: Simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can dramatically improve quality of life β€” even in older adults. It’s not just the number of years you live; it’s how you live them. Good nutrition and lifestyle habits are our best tools to […]

The “canvas strategy” isn’t kissing ass

I first heard about the Canvas Strategy while listening to Ryan Holiday’s audiobook Ego is the Enemy. It’s a great strategy (not a tactic) that will skyrocket your prospects (in the future) and knowledge, particularly if you’re new to a field. Here’s what it really means: Find and make canvases for other people to paint […]

Education-based approach to marketing and sales

That’s what content marketing is. I know. I’m a content marketer (albeit a reluctant one… I hate to admit I’m one of them) myself! But this isn’t about content, it’s about education. So, we will “use” content for education β€” the next step. And since education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition […]