The Swiss-Army Knife of all human movements!

Found this gem of a movement drill that I believe covers it all! And the best part is that it doesn’t feel like a ‘drill’ anyway. You would enjoy it! If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a fan of the minimum-effective dose. And this movement perfectly fits […]

They haven’t built a filter that…

I am a huge fan of movie, documentary, sports and (even) book trailers! They inspire and excite me. Maybe it’s a thing. Or just my thing. I listen to a few curated ones when I’m training heavy… as if they’re just the perfect soundtrack I need to push some heavyweights. (There’s only so much podcast, […]

Thinking about buying a car? What would Dave Ramsey say?

Well, I’ve been thinking about swapping my old car for a new one. Better sense prevailed just in time to have me consider used cars for the first time in life. And just then I bumped into one of Dave Ramsey’s video on YouTube and I’ve been hooked! I remember reading (and listening to) the […]

If you’re an Avengers fan…

And don’t want to rewatch all the 22 movies before the epic Avengers: End Game, here’s something you should watch. It’s one of the best (and the most comprehensive recap at 38 minutes!) that you will find out there. Rejoice! Thank me later! The COMPLETE MCU Recap | CRAM IT (Avengers: Endgame Edition) I […]

Self-censorship: from rock ‘n roll to rap to video streaming

Watched this awesome short documentary by Vox Media on “the devilish history of the explicit lyrics sticker.” It’s fascinating to learn that some of my favorite rock bands were the reason behind the ‘explicit lyrics’ sticker that you will find in like 90% of the music albums today. (And now even comedy albums!) What’s funny […]

A letter to a young reader

Couldn’t help but steal a piece from this marvelous Brain Pickings’ post. Maria Popova shares a letter by Alain de Botton to young readers from a compendium of more than a hundred such letters to children. Written by some of the most inspiring people on the planet, these letters illuminate on why we read and […]

Staying creative in chaotic times

Listen, everyone’s creative because “creativity” is synonymous with being cool. I shouldn’t have said that aloud but there it is… the cold hard truth. It’s like those two guys I saw in an Apple ad (or perhaps it somewhere else?) years ago: Guy 1: “I’m creative. I need a mac.” Guy 2: “Dude, you’re a […]

Can minimalism and ambition coexist?

Watched this stunning perspective on Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel featuring GaryVee. Can Minimalism & Ambition Co-Exist? ft. GaryVee I found it stunning because this is the first time anyone has ever combined two extreme aspects — minimalism and ambition — and relate to GaryVee. Most of his followers want to be the next him […]