What you need is a bunch of rules

To keep you sane. To keep you from overcommitting to stuff/people/endeavours that don’t add value. To ensure you’re being super-productive. To stay in top physical, mental and emotional shape. To be able to serve your organization/community/family/audience to the best of your abilities. To pick your battles wisely. To choose the company/friends you spend the most […]

Consumption vs implementation

When it comes to food and content, we consume way too much than we need. While the former makes you fat, the latter just makes you constipated. There’s just too much information out there! (And too much food too!) So much so that we’ve reached a point where it’s important to set your priorities straight […]

Fairness in sports

The 2019 edition of the ICC cricket world cup came to a spectacular showdown. I’m pretty sure the spectators who bought the ticket to watch the match live at Lord’s couldn’t ask for anything better than what they witnessed today. Check out the highlights below if you don’t believe me. It’s a compressed 8 minutes […]

Plus minus and equal

So, I decided to take a break from listening to podcasts for a couple of weeks and instead just do audiobooks. All the time. And boy, I’ve accumulated a lot of hours over just the past week. Instead of going for the newer titles in my library, I’m focusing on the books that I’ve already […]

Want to break free?

Dumb question? Sure, it sound like. Who doesn’t want to break free? But if you’ve noticed we are all in some way or the other chained to prisons of our own making. I call them ‘chains of consequences.’ Because we’re responsible for it whether we like it or not. Yes, there’s an antidote and like […]

Perhaps a little planning would make it better

It always does. That’s precisely why some people (including some of my deepest friends) are obsessed with it. And like most hard and boring things, nobody likes to plan but sure enjoy getting things done the planned way. I’m a big believer in planning the big picture and let the little details take care of […]