Big or small a service business’ only goal is to provide exceptional service

Staying at a sprawling apartment for like half the cost can be every traveler’s dream. But what if there’s no wi-fi or cellular network? For someone like me, it’s a major buzzkill. Imagine living in a blackhole, away from your family and loved ones. Unable to connect with them. Heck, unable to even place a […]

Innovation at work

Here’s what often happens when committees sit to discuss creativity and innovation and get confused. Or worse, try to innovate creatively. The challenge? Stop paying attention to the buzzwords and do worthwhile work. Start with this question, “how can we make what we have right now even better?” That’s innovation! Randall Munroe, XKCD

The ‘H’ in ‘Jesus H. Christ’ explained by the best grammarians on the planet

Bumped into this fantastic piece by The Grammarphobia Blog explaining the ‘H’ in ‘Jesus H. Christ’ considering that it’s not even a middle initial! Now, I’ll be honest — I didn’t know this and was even surprised, since I don’t remember reading this variant in the bible. Wikipedia says it’s, “typically uttered in anger, surprise, […]

Your life is worth capturing, isn’t it?

I was in Grade 6 when my English teacher asked us to write a “dear diary” for the very first time. I was good at it and was instantly labeled the go-to person for “diary entries!” Who knew this could be a talent? It didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Perhaps it was […]

Go out of your comfort zone to appreciate what you have

It’s day 2 of a grueling kettlebell instructions certification workshop. My hands are sore. My left biceps most certainly has been detached from its place (I hope not, the physio will probably confirm it next week). My butt is on fire with all those hip-hinged movements (swing, cleans, and snatches). Think of this as a […]

Just not as good… but still awesome!

I often think about this. And I’m pretty sure you do it too. But then there’ll be some who would truly believe that they know-it-all. Which is a fallacy because irrespective of who you are or what you do there will always be so much more to learn and get better. Over the years I’ve […]

50 years since the rooftop conference

Talk about signing off in style. It’s been 50 years since the Beatles’ played their last gig. And that’s a long time. But I think every fan should know a bunch of facts about this much talked about “concert.” The Beatles’ rooftop concert marked the end of an era for many fans. The group […]

What do you want your days to look like?

If each of us were to “begin with the end in mind,” I think that’s the second most important question to ask. After “what’s the legacy I want to leave behind?” Austin Kleon (from whom I stole the title) nailed it when he said: “What do you want your days to look like?” forces you […]

You need to diversify

Not just your investments, you career too. If you’re employed somewhere. Great! Get a side-hustle. And this is particularly important if you’re slogging 14-hour-workdays and don’t see yourself working for this very firm 5 years from now. I know what you’re thinking… “how the hell am I suppose to find time for this?” I hear […]