The Art of Giving a Feedback…

… isn’t really an art, but common sense. This verse from the bible explains it all — “do unto others as you would want other do unto you.” That’s it! Sadly, we don’t come near to following that advice. Far from it. Feedback, should almost always be personal. If someone screws up, pull them aside and just […]


Had an awesome weekend with some of my work colleagues. Off Site training programs are always fun. Among the many activities we did, white water rafting and paintball shooting stood out. Paintball reminded me of how tough it is to survive in a battle field (even a mock one!) if you’re not aware of your surroundings. And, I […]

Don’t Just Thank Them, Wow Them!

Received a call from BrainWavz last afternoon. I hadn’t raised a complaint. It wasn’t a follow up call either. (I’d purchased a headphone cover from these guys a couple of weeks back, to protect my audio-technica studio monitors — they aren’t as expensive as the other premium brands out there, but I love them!) The […]

Hello again, World!

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged (at least publicly). This new blog is a 2.0 version of why my previous blog was (no hyperlinks here—I’ve deleted it to oblivion). More focused but with the same passion and rigor that is just me. Am looking forward this exciting new journey. In true Steve Jobs’ style — […]

Growth Hacking

It’s internet’s youngest buzz word among marketers, and most of them just don’t get it. Partially because it’s not traditional marketing. But despite being highly misunderstood, it works. Sean Ellis (of Eventbrite, DropBox, LogmeIn fame) was perhaps the first Growth Hacker known to the business world (or at least he coined the word). And these […]

SEO Alchemy

Content Marketers these days boast how quality content gets Google’s respect and rules the internet. Digital Marketers on the other hand are convinced that everything eventually boils down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). (And for all the right reasons) Now, if you work with a computer, irrespective of your profession, you ought to have heard of the […]