Wash your bowl

A monk said to Chao Chou, “I’m new to this monastery. Please teach me.” Chao Chou said, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?” The monk said, “Yes, I have.” Chao Chou said, “Then you better wash your bowl.” At that moment, the monk was enlightened I know what you’re thinking — “that seemed like an […]

Context and Content

Was reading a piece about a senior law enforcement office lynched by the mob. Terrible news! It’s ironic as much as it is annoying to have these people who fight (rather whine and complain) about their rights and justice take someone else’s life. It’s disgusting. What’s more? The news site is supported by advertisements, and […]


Took me more than 30 days to come up with this post. Why? Because I was consumed with the idea of publishing that perfect blog post that will be shared and revered across platforms. What goes? I planned. A little too much. “Create content strategy for blog/personal” has been the most important task on my […]

Why even bother?

I lunch out on Saturdays. A deliberate decision I made a few years back since I hang out with friends and like minded people on Saturdays. (Helps me have an uninterrupted Sunday with my family and loved ones.)   Last Saturday I was at this upscale Mexican restaurant in Khan Market with a friend. We ordered […]

Choice and Control

How often do you wake up next to a dead phone? I know, that is a weird question, but exactly what I experienced yesterday. I woke up next to a dead phone. It started to act up the evening before. Distorted screen and an unresponsive touch. I irritatingly just turned the phone off. Thinking that it […]