Can ‘winning’ get in the way of learning?

I’ve had countless failures in the past couple of years. Some of them were hard-fought battles, some I’d almost won, and then some that were basically half-assed attempts. Obviously, I’m not proud of those failures nor would I ever try to boast about them. (Who in their right minds would?) But there’s something about winning […]

Could certifications be really a waste of time?

If it were left to me, I would officially become (accidentally) the most “certified” professional on the planet. I’m that hungry to learn more and also because every workshop one gets to attend these days hand you over a certification at the end of it all. But getting “certified” in anything comes at a cost, […]

They haven’t built a filter that…

I am a huge fan of movie, documentary, sports and (even) book trailers! They inspire and excite me. Maybe it’s a thing. Or just my thing. I listen to a few curated ones when I’m training heavy… as if they’re just the perfect soundtrack I need to push some heavyweights. (There’s only so much podcast, […]

Getting more focused with limited formats

I’ve always been big on teaching and training people. It’s some thing I was born to do. I believe focused training interventions are the fastest way to up-skill teams and fast track their performance. Of course, subsequent coaching and hyper-concentrated follow-up sessions are greatly effective to make the learning permanent but not every stakeholder is […]

The most complete guide on photography for beginners

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here or even elsewhere — I am quite a fan of black & white photography, particularly the street-kind that captures life in its most vulnerable or ecstatic state. And by that I mean I take quite a lot of snaps (when I can) that I obviously don’t share much. […]

Focusing on agility

I don’t think I’ve ever been an agile/mobile/flexible athlete. My body’s been always so rigid and inflexible even when I was playing sports (soccer, football, and cricket) back in high school. And I guess, this runs in the family — my son’s just like me and I need to work with him to improve his […]

Thinking about buying a car? What would Dave Ramsey say?

Well, I’ve been thinking about swapping my old car for a new one. Better sense prevailed just in time to have me consider used cars for the first time in life. And just then I bumped into one of Dave Ramsey’s video on YouTube and I’ve been hooked! I remember reading (and listening to) the […]

Proof that you exist

We know there are myriad ways to establish your ‘presence.’ While most folks go the ‘social media’ route there are some who also opt for coaching. Both are an effective means to bolster your confidence and work towards bolstering your personal brand and presence on the platform of your choice. This post, however, isn’t about […]