The “stories” that you share…

While I can’t imagine ever appreciating what Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the other platforms has done for us, as far as communicating like humans is concerned, I do appreciate one feature that I believe is a great way to keep your contacts (including your friends and family… mom and dad included) updated on your whereabouts […]

Are you taking enough risks lately?

You should. It’s what drives people to go the extra mile, get creative, be more resourceful and/or innovative. History has it — necessity has been the mother of all innovations. I believe taking risks spikes up the level of constraints which in turn creates necessity. The challenge is that people hate to take risks. Everyone […]

What you need is a bunch of rules

To keep you sane. To keep you from overcommitting to stuff/people/endeavours that don’t add value. To ensure you’re being super-productive. To stay in top physical, mental and emotional shape. To be able to serve your organization/community/family/audience to the best of your abilities. To pick your battles wisely. To choose the company/friends you spend the most […]

On second thoughts, it’s probably your fault

I was scrolling through Google Photos early this evening to find a particular picture I needed. Couldn’t find it. Instead I found a shirtless selfie taken a couple of years back. And boy, I was in pretty darn good shape. Not that I’m a fat slob right now but the person in the picture is […]

The fear never goes away

Our pursuit to be perfect (or “flawless” if you’re in denial) is just never ending. The worst part is that you aim for perfection even if you’re not a perfectionist! Wait, how does that work? It’s simple, we’re all wired to postpone or procrastinate the things that are hard or new or both. Because we […]

Consumption vs implementation

When it comes to food and content, we consume way too much than we need. While the former makes you fat, the latter just makes you constipated. There’s just too much information out there! (And too much food too!) So much so that we’ve reached a point where it’s important to set your priorities straight […]

Fairness in sports

The 2019 edition of the ICC cricket world cup came to a spectacular showdown. I’m pretty sure the spectators who bought the ticket to watch the match live at Lord’s couldn’t ask for anything better than what they witnessed today. Check out the highlights below if you don’t believe me. It’s a compressed 8 minutes […]

Who will miss you when you’re gone?

It’s a great question and most of us are mortified when asked to ponder over it. The most common excuse is that people want to “live in the moment.” Fair choice. But I’ve personally thought of this question more than I should because it gives me a sense of meaning, belonging and assurance that I’m […]