“And” get unstuck!

Words are powerful. Enough to transform us. Or break us. While knowing and choosing the right words is important, being aware of the words that you (subconsciously) use on a daily basis is critical. One such word is “but.” It has become the butt of all jokes in the world of NLP and pop-psychology, “but” […]

Getting real about “coaching conversations”

While it’s great to see companies foregoing the dreaded annual performance review, it equally hurts to seem some of them embracing “coaching conversations” because of its potential. Why? Because having a system doesn’t do a thing for your employees. That’s like boasting about your potential power… the real power lies in execution. Unfortunately, that’s where […]

The “inner” game…

Tim Gallwey’s seminal book, The Inner Game of Tennis teaches one of the most fundamental aspects of performance — learning to trust yourself. If you were looking for a formula, here it is: Performance = Potential – Interference In the book, Tim also talks about your two selves — Self 1 and Self 2. Self […]

Tim Urban’s writing process

Tim Urban and I have one thing in common — we’re both master procrastinators. But he tends to get much more creative with procrastination than I possibly can! His TED talk is one of the most watched talks on the interwebs. Hearing him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast last year made me his fan! The dude’s a genius […]