Don’t force it. Embrace it…

A couple of months back I checked into a local Transcendental Meditation retreat center for a quick “check-in.” I wanted to have my teacher walk me through a full 20-minute session and reinforce the principles while realigning me to the core ideas of TM, one of which is to not force it, but embrace whatever […]

Meditation won’t fix it..

It’ll only make your patient enough to keep trying until you fix it. As an active Transcendental Meditation practitioner, I know for sure that mediation is simply a means a to a bigger end. No, it’s not enlightenment. Not everyone wants it. And not everyone would get it. That’s me just being real. We meditate […]

Are you a Chef? Or a Cook?

Been reading Tim Ferriss’ latest behemoth of a book, Tribe of Mentors since Christmas. It’s a fascinating book, which coupled with Tim’s earlier book, Tools of Titans serve as my “operator’s manual” to living a stunning life! Both the books are rich in analogies. One of the most recent ones is the analogy of a […]

The barbell doesn’t lie…

My friends at the gym are sick of seeing me train powerlifting-style. Most don’t get it. (I just squat, bench and deadlift after all — kettlebell training in evenings for variety) For them, training is about muscles and getting bigger. For me, it’s about strength. Nothing else. I’m an essentialist (at least hoping to become […]