Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing

One of my favorite “laws” from John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is the Law of Consistency. Its premise is pretty simple — discipline leads to our habits and habits determine our growth. The challenge that each of us faces is with our habits. It’s darn hard to build a habit and equally hard to break […]

Constraints make your creative

I don’t know what’s so special about being “creative.” I know that the idea of being a “creative person” has a certain aura to it. I know friends who literally drool when they meet someone who’s in a creative profession or just creative in general. But I’ve failed to understand what makes the creative, creative. Here’s […]

Marketing needs to change…

… well, somewhat change… Check out some of the promotions emails I received just yesterday… Today only: Free Scrivener Masterclass for ProWritingAid users 3 concepts you must MASTER to grow your business the way I did! Your $1K/mo “Money-Page” How did you fix low conversion? Sunil, in case you need help with design here’s 90% […]

Manage energy, not time

Everyone wants to be productive, if only they learn to manage time well. What’s the logical next step? Sign up for a Productivity 101 or Time Management 101 program. Here’s the best part about these programs — you won’t have to worry about “management buy-in.” No business cases required. They’re already sold on the idea […]

Morning routines… you’re missing the point…

It seems everyone is obsessed with routines. Specifically, morning routines… as they help you kickstart the day. At least that’s how it begins… But if you think following what every other internet celebrity does in the waking hours or what successful people do before breakfast or even how artists work… you’re clearly missing the point. […]

Money is just a story

While clearing clutter from the Notes app on my Mac I bumped into this short note: “Money is just a story. Seth Godin.” Having no recollection of the source, I quickly googled the note and pop came this short and sweet blog post by Seth published more than four years back. It’s still darn profound. […]