Leaders never stop growing

Been mulling over John Maxwell’s laws from the book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. They’re so powerful and so universal… that we simply choose to ignore them! The premise is super-simple — leaders always have more scope to grow. But most leaders simply stop to grow after a certain point in time. Unlike the limitations […]

Listen. Deeply.

Day 3 of my workshop was great! Learn a LOT! I mean it’s so much that I need at least a week’s vacation just to digest fully let alone create plans to apply it in my business. That said, I’m inundated by how simple some of the most profound systems and processes are. But it […]

The real cost of “change”

Continuing with my “leadership behavioral change” rigor… I pondered (while being part of a broader discussion, of course!) on the real cost of change. If you’re thinking of a bruised ego… that’s not the right answer. It’s not about position. It’s not about risk. It’s not even about you! But here’s what real, meaningful and […]

Long lasting change

I’ve been super-busy with a bunch of pre-workshop modules in preparation for my ongoing coaching certification. And I stumbled upon this motto by Marshall Goldsmith: Courage. Humility. Discipline. According to Marshall, that’s the key to creating deep and long-lasting change. And thankfully, it’s not rocket science to understand or even implement these values. They’re inherent […]

No pain. No gain.

I’ll be honest. My brain’s numb right now. Lots of dependencies, commitments, obligations and a task list that just never stops growing. Whoever said “growth” is good surely didn’t have a checklist in mind… or maybe they did. Nonetheless, it’s darn hard to keep your head up with times are tough. And each time I […]