Guidelines, not policies

Can you recall how many times have you heard the ‘its our policy,’ or ‘it’s against our policy’ (or a variant thereof) comeback? Countless times I’m sure. And if you’re like me you can’t help but feel your blood boil each time your hear it. Of course, it makes me wonder if it has ever […]

Want to break free?

Dumb question? Sure, it sound like. Who doesn’t want to break free? But if you’ve noticed we are all in some way or the other chained to prisons of our own making. I call them ‘chains of consequences.’ Because we’re responsible for it whether we like it or not. Yes, there’s an antidote and like […]

Perhaps a little planning would make it better

It always does. That’s precisely why some people (including some of my deepest friends) are obsessed with it. And like most hard and boring things, nobody likes to plan but sure enjoy getting things done the planned way. I’m a big believer in planning the big picture and let the little details take care of […]

Start giving a damn

Flying economy isn’t an excuse to treat your customers like trash. Today I experienced, quite possibly, the worst international flight experience. And I’ve been doing that long enough to know the seats are a little narrower and the crew onboard didn’t demonstrate the pre-flight safety features. If you think that was something, let me assure […]

What you sow is what you reap

Or simply — output equals or is always greater than input. It’s a universal principle you can’t fight against no matter what you do or who you are. It amazes me to the ends to hear wanna be entrepreneurs talk about their ideas but don’t do anything about it. They’re waiting for that perfect time […]

Practice the virtues you can show

I stole this from the amazing Daily Stoic! Virtue is one of those words that contains multitudes. If you think about it, being virtuous is not doing one thing all the time, or even lots of things all at once. It’s doing all the right things—the important things—in those moments when they matter most. Which is every moment. Day […]