Who will miss you when you’re gone?

It’s a great question and most of us are mortified when asked to ponder over it. The most common excuse is that people want to “live in the moment.” Fair choice. But I’ve personally thought of this question more than I should because it gives me a sense of meaning, belonging and assurance that I’m here for a reason.

It’s also a strong reminder that we have to ‘begin with the end in mind.’ Think about the legacy you want to leave and work backwards. What path is going to take you there? Whose lives are you going to change? What skills or opportunities would you have to leverage to create an impact? What people are going to be your chief source of influence and inspiration? And most importantly, knowing what you know now, what step you need to take to get going?

Deep? Well, if it doesn’t feel like it you haven’t gone deep enough.

I’m not sure who is going to miss me when I’m gone but I sure wish my loved ones remember me for who I was and how I helped them face the world in their best version.

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