Airlines have policies. What if it’s customers had one too?

One of my core tenets is reasonability. If an argument doesn't appeal to my reason it's basically stupid. But there are policies and rules that we all have to abide by. And not because it's the law. It's just too much of a hassle to ruffle some feathers or shake the system up a little. [...]

Excellence is possible, even without talent

Of all the random things I do out of sheer curiosity, taking the Clifton Strengthsfinder 2.0 wasn't. After rereading some of Gallup's publications I simply got curious to know my natural talents. Who wouldn't be after all, right? You'll be surprised! More than 20 million people from across the globe have taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder [...]

Big or small a service business’ only goal is to provide exceptional service

Staying at a sprawling apartment for like half the cost can be every traveler’s dream. But what if there’s no wi-fi or cellular network? For someone like me, it’s a major buzzkill. Imagine living in a blackhole, away from your family and loved ones. Unable to connect with them. Heck, unable to even place a [...]

Don’t be a snowflake, be a stoic

Found this fascinating read on It speaks to me personally as I do get to interact with a lot of (special) snowflakes every now and then. And although I'm far from being a true stoic, the philosophy is what I often default to. But like any other practitioner, I'm still learning and there's so [...]

Innovation at work

Here's what often happens when committees sit to discuss creativity and innovation and get confused. Or worse, try to innovate creatively. The challenge? Stop paying attention to the buzzwords and do worthwhile work. Start with this question, "how can we make what we have right now even better?" That's innovation! Randall Munroe, XKCD

The ‘H’ in ‘Jesus H. Christ’ explained by the best grammarians on the planet

Bumped into this fantastic piece by The Grammarphobia Blog explaining the 'H' in 'Jesus H. Christ' considering that it's not even a middle initial! Now, I'll be honest — I didn't know this and was even surprised, since I don't remember reading this variant in the bible. Wikipedia says it's, "typically uttered in anger, surprise, [...]